Afghanistan: US kills IS-K target in drone strike | DW News

The United States has carried out a drone strike against the militant group responsible for the attack on Kabul Airport that left more than 100 people dead. US Central Command claimed that the target, a member of the group known as IS-K, or Islamic State-Khorasan, was killed. The strike took place in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province. The US said it was not aware of any civilian casualties. The Pentagon is now bracing for retaliatory attacks, and has warned that the coming days could be the most dangerous in its withdrawal operation, which is due to end on Tuesday.
After a deployment lasting almost two decades, and costing billions of euros, German troops have left Afghanistan. As the troops return home, around 4,000 Afghans who were also brought to Germany are now facing the challenge of adapting to a new life. The government admits though that more than twice that number may have been left behind.
00:00 US carries out drone strike on IS-K target
01:19 Afghans still flock to Kabul Airport and Pakistan border
03:10 US warns of retaliatory strikes at Kabul Airport
05:17 How big a threat is IS-K?
06:23 What drives IS-K and what are they fighting for?
07:17 Will Afghanistan again become a home for international terrorism?
08:30 Troops return to Germany from Afghanistan


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