Executive orders for US Immigration next. Immigration reforms dead? Can Build Back Better be saved

US Immigration. US Immigration Reforms are Dead. But still there is Hope for Good news. Executive Orders from President Biden may be next best bet, for Changes in US immigration system, to reduce backlogs, to improve processing times at consulates and embassies, to reduce unwanted barriers to immigration, etc. The Biden Administration must step up in 2022 through Executive actions and implement a solution to clear the Green card, us visa and other immigration backlog. Though President Biden changed some of the Immigration policies from previous administration, Major promised Immigration reform stalled and Biden’s big bill, The Build back better Act pushed to 2022. The Senate headed home for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays without action on President Joe Biden’s Immigration reform. The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively shut down immigration to the U.S. from abroad. Immigrant visa issuances dropped to 23% of pre-pandemic levels. Nonimmigrant visa issuances dropped to 17% of pre-pandemic levels. There has been a 25-year stagnation in the immigration field in terms of new legislation to support immigrants. Family Visa Backlog. The suspension of routine visa services due to COVID-19, reduced immigrant visa issuances to a quarter of pre-pandemic levels. Before the pandemic, the number of immigrant visas issued averaged about 39,000 a month. During the pandemic, that number dropped to an average of about 9,000 a month. The immigrant visa backlog at the National Visa Center (NVC) has increased by 800% during the pandemic. In 2019, an average of 60,866 immigrants were waiting for interviews each month. Document-arily complete visa applications that are pending the scheduling of an interview are waiting at NVC indefinitely for an interview. Worldwide immigrant visa interviews scheduled dropped to record low level in 2021. Employment and Student Visa Backlog. Not only Immigrant visa, the nonimmigrant visa backlog is equally overwhelming. Consular closures and travel bans saw nonimmigrant visa issuances reduced to a sixth of pre-pandemic levels. Before the pandemic, an average of over 721,000 nonimmigrant visas were issued each month worldwide. During the pandemic, an average of fewer than 126,000 nonimmigrant visas were only issued each month. There is no scale to measure who is impacted more due to all these delays. everyone is equally impacted, but Some visa categories were impacted less severely than others. Instead of depending everything through comprehensive immigration reform, Biden Administration should have done some changes to help legal immigrants through executive orders in 2021….