John Collins Talks the Atlanta Hawks Game 1 ECF Win

#JohnCollins #EasternConferenceFinals #EastFinals On Wednesday June 23rd, the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Milwaukee Bucks (116-113) in Game 1 of their 2020-2021 Eastern Conference Finals matchup. Following the game, Hawks star John Collins spoke with the media about the Hawks Game 1 win vs. the Bucks, his big 48 point night, his big effort in Game 1 and much more. John Collins finished the night with 23 points and 15 rebounds. Game 2 of the Atlanta Hawks 2021 Eastern Conference Finals matchup vs. the Milwaukee Bucks tips off on Friday June 25th. Check out the presser above. The interview video was shot by Terrell Thomas. Subscribe to our youtube channel (Terrell Thomas/TheseUrbanTimes) for more sports, music and entertainment exclusives. Stay tuned to for all your NBA and Atlanta Hawks news. Follow @eldorado2452 and @theseurbantimes on twitter and instagram for all your NBA and Atlanta Hawks updates.