Restaurant Review – Antico Pizza | Atlanta Eats

Pizza is no joke at this joint. And that’s why they’ve won, like, every award. Ever. This could be the most decorated pizza on the planet! But when you take pizza as seriously as owner Giovanni Di Palma does, you’re bound to win a few awards. Di Palma didn’t sacrifice one detail of his family’s age-old Pizza Napoletana recipe when he brought it here to Atlanta: Fior di Latta and Mozzarella di Bufala cheeses are flown in fresh from Naples each week; San Marzano and Pomodorini tomatoes are hand-picked in Campania; three 10,000 lb. ovens were custom built from ancient Santa Maria brick and volcanic rock from Mt. Vesuvius…and get so hot that a pizza cooks to perfection in only about 60 seconds. Yeah. A whole pizza cooks in 60 seconds. Which is great, because — trust us — the faster you can get your hands on one of Antico’s nine famous pies, the better. We’d sell our soul for the Diavola pizza, which is made with fresh Mozzarella di Bufala, spicy sopressata, and pepperonata. Another pizza masterpiece — the San Gennaro — features fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe, and salsiccia. The menu also includes calzones and Italian desserts. Di Palma’s fierce loyalty to his family’s pizza-making heritage has made Antico’s pies world-famous, and a favorite among Atlantans and celebrities alike.