Restaurant Review – Bone Garden Cantina | Atlanta Eats

There is a place for “Amexican” food. There is a place for fajitas. For combo plates piled high with beans and rice. That place, however, is not Bone Garden Cantina. Tucked away in a vibrant west midtown neighborhood, Bone Garden is a truly authentic Mexican restaurant, tequila bar, and Dia de los Muertos art gallery. The ingredients are fresher-than-fresh and their recipes are prepared from scratch, in small batches, each day. The a la carte-style menu makes it easy for diners to design a meal that perfectly matches their own personal tastes and appetite. Our personal tastes and appetite led us to try the Pasilla Patron tamales — corn masa filled with grilled onions, cactus, queso panelo and pasilla sauce. And as much as we could have eaten dozens of those tamales, we had to diversity our Mexican food ‘folio with an order of the Camarones — Bone Garden’s signature enchiladas — which are stuffed with garlic-sautéed shrimp and topped with salsa de tomate, melted cheese and sour cream. Of course, we also “sampled” just a few of their rare tequilas. Okay, maybe more than a few. Our favorite? The Fat Ass Anejo. We definitely suggest choosing more than a few different items off Bone Garden’s menu — but start with a couple of signature dishes for a shockingly satisfying experience.