Restaurant Review – Souper Jenny | Atlanta Eats

The soup-salad-sandwich specials change from day to say — but no matter what’s on the menu, you can rest assured that it will satisfy your body and soul. Down South, we’re always talking about comfort food. It’s always Mac n’ Cheese this, or Hush Puppies that. But whatever happened to those plain old does-a-body-good soup-and-sandwich combos? Well, they’re alive and well at Buckhead’s famous Souper Jenny. The wait may look long, but it goes by fast and is usually pretty entertaining on account of the café’s staff being mostly performers from Atlanta’s theatre scene. Join them in song or dance and you just might get a free cookie (and the cookies are gooood…). But what, oh what, to go with that cookie? May we recommend Jenny’s Dad’s Turkey Chili? This gluten-free chili is a favorite of Souper Jenny’s frequenters. Enjoy it along with a club sandwich known only as The Club, and you’ve got yourself a tasty little lunch! Prefer a salad to the sandwich? The Big Greek Salad, which is topped with fresh tomato, cucumber, olives, feta and pepperoncinis, is a fan fave.